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What is JL Sports Pro?

JL Sports Performance is a sports conditioning program that teaches athletes how to move most efficiently in their sport, and help them believe in their greatness. With expert coaches, and a dedicated team of volunteers, JL Sports Performance helps local youth (ages 8 – 18) work to become the best athlete they can be, all while teaching important life skills they can use on — and off — the field.


Learning how to move is the building block of any athlete. @theMOVElab, all our athletes learn how to better themselves through strength, agility, and mental preparedness.


With our Football conditioning program, athletes learn not only how to tackle safely through speed, agility and explosive strength but how sports conditioning training is key to longevity in the sport of football.


Learning how to pass, dribble, and take the shot are components of basketball. Learning how to be explosive while passing and dribbling is a basketball player. We develop basketball players by focusing on explosive movements.


Track is more than just running. We train athletes techniques to run faster and jump higher. We have unique training methods that focus on tempo, acceleration, and bounding. We help athletes achieve their best time — while having the best time.

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Memberships are monthly. Checks payable to JL SPORTS PERFORMANCE. Cash encouraged.

JL Sports Conditioning
Athlete's Name
Phone Number:


Rex Putnam High School 4950 SE Roethe Road Milwaukie, OR
Parkrose High School 12003 NE Shaver St, Portland, OR 97220



Parkrose High School
Elementary School & New Athletes: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday @ 6pm
High School & Middle School Athletes: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday @ 7pm
Putnam HS: TBD

Rex Putnam High School

Parkrose High School